Full Time Jobs

Full Time Jobs and All You Need to Know Before Starting a New One!

Full time jobs are those at which you normally spend five or more days of the week at. General work hours are between eight and nine hours a day. Basically, you will be spending a large majority of your life there! However, the goal of most people is to graduate from college or university and land their dream full time job. Not to mention that full time jobs are generally those that are the best paying too. Read below our quick tips on being as prepared as possible when you take on your first job or even simply a new one.

Be sure it’s what you want.

During the interview, make sure that all your needs are going to be met. Is the salary right for you? Are the hours suitable? Is the position beneficial to your career path? Are you going to be challenged and feel passionate about what you do? Remember, full time jobs will make up the large majority of your life; you absolutely have to be sure that you will be content. If not, waking up every morning to go to work is going to be dreadful.

Dress to impress

Once you have evaluated everything and have accepted the position, you need to know how to present yourself in a beneficial manner. First impressions are lasting impressions. In order for your boss, colleagues and customers to take you seriously, you need to be dressed for success. Never look messy or dirty. Maintain a well-groomed, clean and professional appearance and you’ll be off on the right foot immediately.

Be open and friendly

At the majority of full time jobs you will have to work very closely with many of your colleagues. Even though starting a new job can be daunting and may make you want to hide in the toilet cubicle for most of the day, you need to appear as friendly as possible. Smile at everyone you walk past and speak openly and confidently when introducing yourself. This will start you off on making good friends and connections within the work place which will not only make working with everyone so much easier but will also make your work days more enjoyable.

Confidence wins half the battle

In any work place situation, confidence is key! This is not to say that you should be overbearing or aggressive, simply assert your opinions and share your ideas when the environment calls for it. Nobody likes a wall flower. Prove to your boss and colleagues that you deserve to be where you are. It is imperative that you show yourself to be beneficial to the company. Present with confidence in every aspect. Walk with your head and shoulders back, smile and engage wherever possible. When it comes to your full time jobs, you really want to feel involved in all processes.

Lastly, remember that you were actually handpicked for the position. You can do it! Click here to view a list of full time jobs.