Part Time Jobs

Who Should Consider Part Time Jobs and Why

Part time jobs are of course positions that include far fewer working hours. In fact, some part time jobs such as being a waitron may only require a few hours once or twice a week. However there are those such as administrative positions that could request two to four hours a day. So as you can see, there are different types of part time jobs which means that you are bound to find one that suits your lifestyle perfectly. So who would benefit from a part time job and why?

Encourage your teens to get a part time job

Teenagers from 16 years of age are legally allowed to work. Waitron, runner, babysitting and promoter positions are perfect for teens because they can be done for a few hours on the weekends allowing the week for focus on school work and extra-mural activities. Part time jobs teach teenagers the value of hard work and most importantly, the value of money! When they begin to earn their own money and are required to save it for the things that they like, they are taught valuable life lessons involving finances and sacrifice. Not only this, but part time jobs also teach teens how to work and socialize with others which builds confidence.

Students and part time jobs

Students that are currently in college or university can benefit massively from part time jobs. This benefit is twofold. First, they are mostly able to secure part time jobs in their area of interest and study which allows them to gain practical experience ultimately benefiting them when it comes to job seeking. If not, they could offer freelance services. Secondly, by working part time, students can earn decent money which can be used for daily expenses which may not be supported by parents anymore or saved for something bigger such as a car or further studies. Students may also benefit from part time jobs by making connections that could be crucial to landing a good job after studying.

Stay-at-home parents

Stay-at-home parents are usually those that give up their careers to look after the household and the family. Most often this involves taking care of young children. However, as busy as this could keep you, perhaps you would like to feel more fulfilled by doing something more. Or perhaps you are in a financial position which requires you to take on some extra work to help support the family financially. Stay-at-home parents often benefit the most from flexible work-from-home positions so that they can constantly keep an eye on the children. These types of jobs are primarily made up of admin, typing, data capturing and cold calling positions.

The nature of part time jobs

The very nature of part time jobs can be summed up in one simple word: flexibility! Working less than 40 hours a week allows you extra time to devote to your family, studies and school work. Work hours can be scheduled conveniently too.


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