7 CV Blunders to Avoid

August 7, 2017 in Advice & Tips

Saleem Jaffer, Co-Founder of Joblife, was recently featured in this blog post.

He mentioned that the stress of putting together a compelling CV often stems from the fact that people are usually uncomfortable selling themselves. A well-written and concise CV can catch attention, highlight your strengths, and get you that job.Here are 7 common job-seeking blunders to avoid as you piece together a CV to wow your new employer:

  1. You add too much unnecessary detail
  2. Over-zealous styling
  3. You ramble
  4. The CV is riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes
  5. There’s no cover letter
  6. You mention money
  7. You grovel

Putting together a knock-out CV is no easy feat. You need to summarize your entire working history, explain why you’re incredibly hireable and do it all in just a few short, sharp pages. But rest assured that if you keep your CV succinct and make sure to avoid the above mistakes you have a much better chance of letting your skills really shine through.