What you Need to Know When Dealing With Recruiters

February 19, 2015 in Advice & Tips, Uncategorized

An effective relationship with the right recruiter can open up many doors. Working with recruiters, however, is something many people lack experience with. Here’s a quick guide on smart recruiter etiquette to help you get the most from your job search.

Be honest

A recruiter is only ever as good as the information they’re using. Lying to or misleading a recruiter wastes everyone’s time and can seriously damage what could be a very rewarding partnership. Try to lose your ego and be upfront about any potential drawbacks in your work history. Remember that a recruiter knows employers and can campaign on your behalf over what might ordinarily be a dealbreaker. Just don’t let them find out your weak spots after the interview s already finished and the employer less than impressed.

 [bctt tweet=”A recruiter is only ever as good as the information they’re using.”]

Don’t be too humble

The recruiter is there to promote you. It’s in their best interests to find a good match. However, the onus is still on you to sell your skills and to make sure that if you have something that makes you especially hireable, you let people know. When your recruiter approaches their client, they want to be able to offer them the best applicants, so make sure they know precisely why you’re a better choice than your competition.


Make their lives easier

Communicate early and often with the recruiter. Let them know who else has your CV and ask to be updated about where they are sending it. When you are organized and on the ball, the recruiter will have better success in placing you in the right interviews. Ask questions, have all your information on hand and don’t make the recruiter guess about anything.

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Keep them updated

Just as it’s rude to sever any business relationship offhandedly, don’t just drop your recruiter after they’ve set up some interviews for you. You never know when you might them again, so take the opportunity to network. Keep in touch. Follow up after meetings and give feedback, so they know what you’re looking for and whether they need to change tactics. An effective recruiter knows the ins and outs of the companies they refer to, so any information you can pass on will be much appreciated – and may win you a foot in the door later on. Building a  trusting relationship with a recruiter can be beneficial for everyone.

Dealing with a recruiter can be a bit strange at first, but if you take the time to craft an open relationship early on with them, you can leverage off of their knowledge and expertise in the industry. Be polite, transparent and hold up your end of the deal – recruiters love applicants who are switched-on and easy to work with, and like anyone, are more inclined to help out those who in turn make their jobs easier.