@JobAdviceSA Twitter roundup

September 12, 2018 in Advice & Tips

Job Advice South Africa hosts a Twitter chat every Monday afternoon where it covers a host of frequently asked questions by job seekers. We here at Joblife have sifted through this mountain of knowledge (yes literally!) and extracted a few essential items to tip things in the favour of anyone currently looking for a job.

On searching for work

Q: How can one search for jobs online?

Q: How does one prevent getting scammed through fake job posts?

Q: What should one do before searching for jobs?

About your CV

Q: Once you have completed your CV, what should your next steps be?

Q: Should you include a photograph on your CV and what are the pros and cons of this?

There is a stigma around concerning looks I agree with you, however, the well-respected companies do know that only a pretty face might get you through the door but it is the skills and knowledge that makes the sale BUT being well presented is a major deal #JobAdviceSA

— SciStaff (@SciStaff_SA) June 18, 2018

Q: What are the key things that your CV MUST HAVE to GUARANTEE that YOU stand out from your peers?

Q: If you have no work experience what information should you include on your CV?

Q: Who should you use as a reference; can one use a relative – what if you have never worked?

Q: Once you have completed your CV, what should your next steps be?

On interviews

Q: How should you describe yourself in an interview?

Q: What qualities will make you stand out in an interview?

Q: What is the best way to prepare for an interview or assessment?

Q: Always have questions ready for the interviewer. What questions can you ask during an interview?

From seeking employment to preparing for an interview, this list of advice should aid you in securing your dream job!

Thank you to @JobAdviceSA and to the following peeps for their amazing answers: Vanessa RaathKoketso BaloyiRuramayiY-ConnectSuren NaidooTim J. BarrySciStaffTBS Corporate and Dylan Graham. Follow them on Twitter for exceptional advice!

Now go out and apply to positions using the advice from the experts.

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