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Data Capturer

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South Africa

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Job Description
To support the role of the Document Controller in ensuring that programme and project documentation is stored in the right location and accessible to all internal services within Infrastructure Delivery Division (IDD).

Key Responsibilities
(a) Administer Document Control Process and procedure for efficient management and recording of documents.
(b) Custodian for documents that must be controlled and kept for audit and internal requirements.
(c) Administer electronic filing and archive system and technical library for easy to issuance, storage, retrieval and management of documents to internal and external clients.
(d) Maintain documents archives in accordance to division procedures, systems and standards.
(e) Assist in ensuring all transmitted documents comply with the Quality Assurance Standards specified for the projects
(f) Evaluation of quality and progress reporting turnaround time and feedback of document distribution for review, approval, procurement and construction.
(g) Provide administration support to the Project Teams as and when needed.
(h) Administer the coding, numbering and register management systems with the DMS and PPMS systems administrator for all project document.
(i) Administer a signature register for receipt of information into the Document Control Office, for project documents and drawings.
(j) Assist in maintaining an updated documents tracking register for all revisions, supersedes, issue and recalls of documents or drawings.
(k) Maintain regular content with all internal and external project parties either by field visit, telephone, emails, fax, letter and Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS).
(l) Administer the management and control of contracts and confidential documents related to company and project.
(m) Perform project document checks on the Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) as and when directed by the Document Controller.

Expertise & Technical Competencies
Minimum Requirements
a) Grade 12 / Matric and or other relevant qualification.
b) A minimum of 2 years’ junior office administrative role.
c) Proficient with Microsoft Office (MS-Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook).
d) Office administration and data Capturer experience.
e) Good understanding of Project Management and Document Control processes.Technical

1. Written Communication
a) Understands that different writing styles are required for different documents or audiences.
b) Write effective correspondence, prepares questions and reports, statements of circumstance and briefing notes.
c) Has a solid mastery of writing principles such as grammar, sentence construction etc.

2. Reporting
a) Designs / customizes reports to meet user needs.
b) Prepares complex or tailored reports, gathers information from a variety of sources, analyses and includes in a report.
c) Keeps standard reports under review and proposes improvements to meet user needs.

3. Problem Solving
a) Identifies complex problems based on a broad range of factors, many of which are ambiguous or difficult to define.
b) While remaining guided by organisational values, identifies optimal solutions, thinking first in terms of possible approaches and flexibilities in the system vs. blind adherence to rules or procedures.
c) Implements solutions to complex problems, then evaluates the effectiveness and efficiency of solutions and identifies needed changes.

4. Planning & Organising
a) Is relied on to help others plan and organise their workload.
b) Uses effectively advanced time management processes to deal with high workload and tight deadlines.
c) Organises, prioritises and schedules tasks so they can be performed within budget and with the efficient use of time and resources.
d) Achieves goals in a timely manner, despite obstacles encountered, by organising, prioritising and planning

Required Personal Attributes

a) Achievement Orientation
b) Delivers work on time and quality and follows through on agreed commitments.
c) Views new work experiences as an opportunity for growth.
d) Reacts immediately to overcome setback or / and obstacles in order to meet goals. Recognises and acts upon current opportunity.
e) Make specific changes to systems and processes in order to improve efficiency and quality.
f) Formulates own objectives and action plans in order to achieve a measurable improvement in the future.

1. Attention to details
a) Double-checks the accuracy of information or work.
b) Ensure that the work produced doesn’t contain any errors.

2. Conceptual thinking
a) Uses knowledge of theory or of different past situation to look at current situation.
b) Applies learned concepts across various situations.

3. Customer service orientation
a) Makes self fully available, especially when the customer is going through a critical period.
b) Requests on-going feedback from customers and takes action in response to it; manages to retain and capitalize on existing customers.
c) Takes the ‘extra step” to resolve customer issues appropriately, even in the case where they do not fall under own area of responsibility.
d) Is aware of the level of service offered by the competition and provides more for customers than they expect.

4. Decisiveness
a) Acts promptly to address urgent needs, taking quickly those decisions which need to be taken.
b) Assesses available information to reach a clear view of key options and selects the best option at the time.
c) Thinks on their feet when necessary.

5. Integrity
a) Publicly admits having made a mistake.
b) Speaks out when it may hurt a trust relationship.

6. Self-awareness and self-control
a) Feels impulse to do something inappropriate and resist it.
b) Resists temptations to act immediately without thinking but does not take positive action.
c) Feels strong emotions 9such as anger, extreme frustration, or high stress) and holds them back.
d) Does not do anything but restrain feelings (does not act to make things better).

7. Strategic and Innovative thinking
a) Feels impulse to do something inappropriate and resist it.
b) Resists temptations to act immediately without thinking but does not take positive action.
c) Feels strong emotions 9such as anger, extreme frustration, or high stress) and holds them back. Does not do anything but restrain feelings (does not act to make things better).
d) Does not do anything but restrain

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