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Logistics Coordinator [Exports-Imports & Bulk] - Swellendam

Short Summary:

The main responsibility of this position is to ensure efficient and effective planning concerning filling and allocating sales and procurement orders to trucks.

  • Logistics Planning
    • This primary focus will be on Import, Export and Bulk Planning.
    • This secondary focus will be on Packed Products, Protein and Seed.
  • Logistics of Import and Export and Seed Planning
    • Planning of deliveries out of SOILL and external warehouses.
    • Planning of Import, Export and Bulk planning coming to SOILL.
  • Minimize Transport and Other Costs
    • Fleet utilization and profitability on dedicated vehicles according to the industry.
    • Obtain best transport quotations per client and designated route.
    • Obtain the best transport costs and keep extra costs to a minimum.
  • Efficient Movement to Customer
    • Plan effective loading and delivery dates and time to clients.
  • Effective Route and Truck Planning
    • Planning the most cost-effective route according to client delivery.
    • Truck allocation according to sales orders.
    • If needed, book third-party transport to ensure on-time delivery.
    • Communication between transporters and clients according to expectations.
  • Packed Product, Protein and Seed Planning
    • Planning and coordinating Packed Product, Protein Feed and Seed deliveries to clients.
    • Planning and coordinating of oils coming to SOILL or external warehouses.
    • Draft and allocate sales orders for the requested customer delivery date.
    • Update planning schedule according to set parameters on Frameworks
    • Communicate any requested planning changes that deviate from requested delivery dates.
    • Planning sales delivery 2 weeks in advance according to draft sales orders.
    • Updating planning 1-week in advance and drafting sales orders.
    • Finalising planning 48 hours in advance with sales orders.
    • Coordinate delivery schedule with collection schedule to optimise truck efficiency.
    • Send Logistics Plan to all relevant parties by 10h00, the day before loading of trucks.
  • Instruction and Communication
    • Drivers delivery and collection instruction and feedback.
    • Escalate all Driver related queries and issues to Management.
    • Making slot bookings with customers for deliveries.
    • Ability to present planned schedule to all relevant parties in the weekly meeting.
    • Change any dates of delivery, received from sales with the correct reason on Frameworks.
    • Ensure all relevant information is updated on Frameworks for visibility to all relevant parties.
  • Procurement Planning and Allocation
    • Ensure trucks run efficiently and effectively with allocated loads.
    • Communicate with Procurement, Planning, Warehouse And Sales to optimize utilization.
    • Communicate with Logistics Administrator concerning transport PO generation.
    • Ensure Flow bins, bags and pallets are returned from Customers according to the information.
  • Export Administration
    • Liaising with the forwarding company to ensure stack dates are set and delivery is made.
    • Following up with logistical company regarding export documentation.
    • Follow up on all documentation internally:
      • Finance
      • Quality Control
    • Forward all documentation copies to the customer and save where necessary.
    • Filing of all documentation regarding export orders.
    • Receiving and distributing the necessary documentation internally and externally.
  • Import Administration
    • Planning the import of products from and to:
      • Harbour
      • SOILL or
      • Client or
      • Internal/ External SOILL bulk oil warehouses
    • Handle full communication Between transporters, harbour, clients and warehouses.
    • Ensure slot bookings are in place for collection and delivery of import products.
    • Follow up on all documentation internally:
      • GRN
      • DN
      • Invoice
      • Finance
      • Quality Control
    • Receiving and distributing the necessary documentation internally and externally.
  • General Administration
    • Doing administrative and clerical tasks.
    • Preparing and editing letters, reports, memos, and emails.
    • General administration/ office duties when required.
Key Competencies:

Education and Experience

  • Diploma in Logistics or Supply Chain
  • Logistics Planner experience would be an advantage
  • Excellent computer skills especially Excel and SAP
  • 1 year of relevant experience in Logistics
Interpersonal Skills
  • Excellent customer service
  • Responsible and accountable
  • Ability to handle pressure
  • Team player
  • Problem Solver
  • Extreme accuracy
  • Good organizational skills
  • Good Time Management skills
  • Vibrant and energetic
  • Focused and deadline-driven
  • Strong analytical abilities
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