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Scrum Master at Parvana - South Africa

Parvana Strategic Sourcing

*Scrum Master (Parvana)*

*About the Client: *

* A genteel, highly professional and stable organisation, this client has grown steadily since the 1990s without ever retrenching anyone. They hire for attitude and train for skill. Most staff have been there for over 10 years and they seldom leave.

Flexi-time, generous bonuses and the opportunity to learn and continuously evolve is encouraged. They follow an Agile methodology and are involved in a wide range of services designed for the medical aid, financial institutions and the telco sector.

A cornerstone of the business is research and innovation and continuous improvement. This environment is best suited to someone who enjoys learning, collaboration and working in a team.


* Establish status of current tasks being worked on.

* Scrum process:

* Implement SCRUM and its events according to the Scrum Guide.

* Focusses on the process not on the deliverables.

* Schedule and facilitate Scrum events stating objectives and ensuring outcomes are achieved.

* Communicate outcomes of Scrum Events to relevant parties to achieve transparency.

* Assist with impediment resolution.

* Guide and nurture the Product Owner.

* Scrum team:

* Establishment of a cross functional team.

* Conduct Scrum Team initiation workshops with associated training.

* Foster team morale.

* Protect team from interruptions and disruptions.

*Skills / Experience:*
* Relevant tertiary qualification.
* PSM I or II, CSM, CSP.
* Solid Agile implementation experience.
* Experience in change management.
* Experience in the use of conflict management techniques (Non-Violent Communication by Rosenberg) and negotiation skills.
* Background in Industrial and Organisational Psychology would be a bonus.
* Must be a servant leader and have an attitude of self-empowerment - lead the team to selforganisation.
* Encourages experimentation - safe to fail.
* Excellent facilitator - leading and demonstrating to the team, the value of adopting agile values and principles (tends to lead the group without realising).
* Ability to establish trust and respect within the team.
* Understands and facilitates the need for Transparency and Predictability.
* Great communications skills.
* Understanding of Team Development Stages - Tuckman's model.
* Situationally aware of current environment.
* Broad understanding of the Software Development process which includes understanding IT terminology.
* Continual self-improvement - growing your craft; blogs; scrum user groups/forums/gatherings; on-going professional development.
*To apply use the application tool above or send us an email to [Email Address Removed]*
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