Filling out the Z83 Form – Step by Step (with pictures)

December 30, 2020 in Advice & Tips

If you’re applying for a job, internship or bursary with the Government you will need to fill out a Z83 Form – this is the document government departments need you to fill in when you want to apply for any position so it’s very important to get it right.

This is a step by step guide on filling in the Z83 correctly:

You can either download the new Z83 form online (now editable!) or you can get a physical copy from Home Affairs. For your reference here is an image of an unfilled Z83 form:

Empty Z83 Form - Page 1Empty Z83 Form - Page 2



The form is divided up into 7 sections:

  1. Details about the post you’re applying for
  2. Your personal information
  3. Contact information
  4. Language Proficiency
  5. Qualifications
  6. Work Experience
  7. References

If you have a physical form, use a blue pen to fill out the form. If however, you have an electronic copy you can use an online PDF filler (much easier) to fill out the form.

In this example we’re going to assume we’re applying for this government post:

Let’s break the Z83 form down:

Section A – Post Details

Section A of Z83 Form

Section A is comprised of 4 items:

  • Position for which you are applying (as advertised)

In this area, you need to fill in the title of the job you are applying for. We are applying for Assistant Director: Call Centre (SR9) position – so we will write this exactly down in the block provided.

  • Department where the position was advertised.

This area refers to the government department that the position is in. In this case the position we’re applying for sits in the Department of Employment & Labour.

  • Reference Number (as stated in the advert)

This is used by the application department to quickly match your application to the vacancy. This reference number can be found mentioned on the job description. As we see it is: HR 4/ 4/3/2 ASDCC/UIF

Take extra care to make sure you get this field correct as it will make the difference between your application getting to its correct destination.

  • If you are offered the position, when can you start OR how much notice must you serve with your current employer?

Most positions will prefer candidates who can start as soon as possible. If you can’t start right away decide on a date when it is realistically possible for you to start and write that date down in the block. If you are currently working then you need to find out from the company you’re currently employed with when your last day will be if you choose to resign and put the next working day after that down in the block.


Section B – Personal Information

Section B is related to all details about yourself.

  • Surname

Write down your surname or family name as it is stated on your identification document (ID) .

  • Full Names

Write down your first names as they are on your ID.

  • Date of Birth

Write down your date with the day, month and year included. So if you were born on the 15 July 1970 – then you will write down 15/07/70.

  • Race

Here put down your race and it must match what your ID says.

  • Gender

Tick the appropriate box for your gender.

  • Do you have a disability?

If you have a disability tick YES else tick NO.

  • Are you a South African Citizen?

If you were born in South Africa or have since become a citizen tick YES or if not tick NO.

  • If no, what is your nationality?

Put down your country of citizenship here. e.g If you are a citizen of Zimbabwe, then write down Zimbabwe.

  • And do you have a valid work permit

If you are not a South African citizen and you have a work permit that has not yet expired then tick YES, if not tick NO.

  • Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence or been dismissed from employment?

It’s best to answer this question very honestly as checks of your criminal/employment record can be done and its better if you mention it upfront. So if you have a current criminal record or been dismissed from employment tick YES else tick NO.

  • Do you have any pending criminal case against you? If yes, provide the details.

If there is currently a criminal case against you – tick YES and provide the details on the case against you.

  • Have you ever been dismissed for misconduct from the Public Service?

If you have ever been dismissed from a Government position tick YES and provide details on the dismissal.

  • Do you have any pending disciplinary case against you?

If there is any pending disciplinary case from a previous or current position please tick YES and provide the details.

  • Have you ever been discharged or retired from the Public Service on grounds of ill-health or on condition that you cannot be reemployed?

If you have any health complaint that caused you to be removed from a previous government position, tick YES and provide details.

  • Are you conducting business with the State or are you a Director of a Public or Private company conducting business with the State?

If you are involved in any business with the state i.e government tenders directly or indirectly if you are part of a company that is doing business with the state then tick YES and provide the details.

  • In the event that you are employed in the Public Service, will you immediately relinquish such business interests?

This is a follow up to the previous question – if you ticked YES previously and are willing to give up those business interests tick YES, else tick NO.

  • Please specify the total number of years of experience you have

Specify the number of years experience you have both in the private sector and in the public sector.

  • If your profession or occupation requires State or official registration, provide date and particulars of registration.

Certain professions like doctors or lawyers require you to be officially registered. This is the area for you to provide details of that official registration. If you aren’t in a field that requires official registration you can leave this field blank.


Section C – How do we contact you

  • Preferred language for correspondence

Write down your home language here.

  • Telephone number during office hours

Write down a telephone number where it will be easy to reach you between the hours of 8 and 5 pm during the week.

  • Preferred method for correspondence

This is the way the department will communicate with you about the position. Tick the method which you have easy access to.

  • Correspondence contact details (in terms of above)

Put down either your e-mail address, fax number or postal address – depending on the choice you made for the previous question.

Section D – Language Proficiency

In this section put down all your languages that you can speak, read or write. Next to speak/read/write state either “good”, “fair” or “poor” depending on how well you can use the language. As an example if you can speak English well, but your reading and writing are skills are not as good – you will put “good” next to speak, and “fair” next to read and write.

Section E – Formal Qualification

Occupational Qualifications Sub-Framework

This section is for any studies you have completed over the years that gave you a formal qualification. You should write down the qualifications in order from highest to lowest according to the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) as seen above.

Section F – Work Experience

The work experience section is for any employment you’re currently in as well as past employment you may have had. In each line fill in the employer’s name, the position you had, the month and year you started as well as the month year that you left and your reason for leaving.

If there are any conditions preventing you from being employed in the public service you need to make mention of it in the last two fields.

Section G – References

In Section G – write down references that will benefit your job application. Try to write down references of people that you worked with closely and in a recent position.



This is the final part of the Z83 form. The declaration is there so that you declare that all the information you entered on the Z83 form is true and accurate. Sign this and write down today’s date.


And finally…

Here is the filled-in Z83 Form applying for the above position:

Completed Z83 Form - Page 1Completed Z83 Form - Page 2