How to Apply for a Job at Capitec Bank

March 7, 2022 in Advice & Tips

Everybody wants to land a position at a good company where they could grow and polish their skills. Capitec bank is one of those banks where you would learn, excel, and explore great opportunities. For most of the candidates out there, landing a job at Captiec bank is like a dream.


Capitec bank is a commercial bank, licensed by the Reserve Bank of South Africa. It is similar to a retail bank that doesn’t provide services to companies, partnerships, trust funds, and corporations. This bank serves individuals and businesses. It has over 500 retail branches. It provides services in the check, loan, savings, investments, and debit card divisions. If you are thinking about applying there, they seek people who are motivated and committed. There are several opportunities in the area of Support, Operations, and IT.


Jobs at Capitec Bank


Recently there have been several openings in the bank. Ranging from graduates to senior positions, every department is looking for new talent. Recently, the Capitec Bank chief executive officer Gerrie Fourie said that recently people have been shifting towards digital banking and they needed to hire new talent in the areas of artificial intelligence and machine learning to introduce new things to their customers.


He also said that some of the positions are challenging to fill because of skills shortages in South Africa. Capitec bank is specifically looking for the following positions:


Analyst developers

Data engineers

Business analysts

Product manager

BI analysis



You can see all the vacancies here and see what suits you the best. Also, the bank has been putting enough thought into the work from the home situation and 60% of their employees are already working from the office and 40% are working from home. It has been said that the bank will keep working at the same pace in 2022 as well.


How to Apply at Capitec


Working at Capitec bank is a great opportunity for your career. It is one of the most successful and amazing banks where you can harness your skills, seek challenges, and work on yourself. But the problem arises when you don’t know how to apply and what should you do when you are applying here. Sometimes, minor mistakes can cost you the position that you are applying for.


First of all, here is the detailed information about applying at the Capitec Bank. You have to make an account, register your CV and you are in. The important part is to get noticed. Here are some dos and don’ts about applying at the Capitec bank:


Select the Position


First of all, look into all the vacancies available and see what suits you the best. According to your qualification, skillset, interest, and wish, choose the right field and work on it. Make sure you have chosen the most suitable role because you are going to work around it to get hired. For instance, if you have a degree in IT, you should see the vacancies they have in the IT department.




Your resume is something that represents you in your absence. They will scan the candidate through their resumes, so make it good to have the call. To make better resumes, follow these rules:


Don’t use difficult words, instead make it easy to read and understand. You are not being judged for your vocabulary. So, the CV must be about your real skills, not your show-off skills. So, use smaller paragraphs, easy words, and keep the space.


Your most relevant and latest work experience should be on the top. Don’t mention the things that don’t matter at the start. To keep them hooked to the CV, show them how you are best suited for the job.


The CV should be grammar free and it must have no mistakes. SO, the best thing would be to double-check It after you have written.


A Good Cover Letter


Are you passionate about working at Capitec? And you think you are the best fit for this job? If yes, then show them that in your cover letter. The hiring team must be going through the piles of CVs for a single position. To make yours stand out, you must add a customized cover letter in which you can mention how passionate you are for working there, and how your skills suit the job position so well. A cover letter is your chance to express your skills, experience, and motivation in a good way. You can look for templates on the internet for the sample cover letter.


Research about the Company


The job at Capitec is your dream job, but yet you don’t know how many branches does the bank has? This is where you can fail during your interview. You should learn about the company through the internet and their website. Gather the information that seems important to you and be ready to use that information in the interview. Also, you can use this information to figure out what do they expect from you and how you can be a great help to them.


Also, when you show the interviewee that you have information about the bank, they will be inclined towards you. Managers and employees want a person who is passionate about their company and is motivated to work better for the company. It is all about showing them that you are the right person to be hired.


Increase the Chances of Getting Hired


Once you have applied, there is still a lot that you can do to make a difference. Most of the candidates sit back and remove themselves from the scene once they have applied. It shouldn’t be like that. To show them that you are interested, there are certain things that you must do




Never go out of view. The employers need to know that you are there waiting for their response. In the banking industry, visibility holds great value. You need to show them that you are available for the job. You can use social media platforms to show you visibility. Also, attending new conferences and workshops can help you a lot in making more connections and showcasing your talent.


Follow up


Don’t just wait for them to respond, you can also do a follow-up to see how far your application is gone. You can wait for two weeks to reach them if they haven’t reached you already. Sometimes, employers and hiring managers like the candidate who is passionate about the position.


Interview Preparation


When you are waiting for them to get back to you, prepare yourself for the interview. During this period, you have plenty of time to prepare for the interview. Now, for the interview preparations, you must look into the behavioral and technical stuff that is required for a job at the bank. Also, look into the company, study about them, and be prepared to answer the questions as per their requirements.



Skills for Bank Job


Getting your dream job might seem like an easy thing to do, but it requires skills that make you stand in the crowd. Capitec bank is a big company to work with and you should harness your skills if you want to land a job there. Here are some of the most necessary skills that make you a better candidate:




You need to make relationships, be good with your colleagues, and be able to share your ideas and opinions. Communication skills are a necessary part of your job as they make you better at your work, and help you in developing further skills. Especially if you are working in banking customer service, you need these skills.


Time Management


When you work at Capitec, you shouldn’t be ignoring deadlines, showing up late, or being lazy. Management and employers like the employees who know the value of work and the company that they work in. Non-serious behavior won’t get you anywhere, but being punctual and organized can help you achieve more roles.


Analytical Skills


You must be able to analyze any situation and bring its solution to the table. You can face various issues where you might think that you cannot do anything, But, if you can analyze the issue in a better way, you can make a difference and bring solutions than stress.



Bank jobs require high moral and ethical values. When you work in Capitec bank, you come across various things that are confidential and discrete. You should be trustworthy enough so that the company can share its confidential data and documents with you.

Computer Skills


This is the era of technology and the people who don’t know a thing about computers are considered outdated. In this digital era, if you want to work in Capitec bank, make yourself acquainted with computers and other digital gadgets. You should know how to operate certain software, how to use a computer, and how to save your energy by using it.




Getting the job at Capitec is not a piece of cake, but is worth the effort because it is one of those places where people work hard to just be a part of the team.