The Most In Demand Jobs Right Now (2020-2021) in South Africa

December 5, 2020 in General

South Africa’s unemployment rate climbed to a new high of 30,1% during the first quarter of this year – due to the damaging effects of Corona on the economy.

That said, Blade Nzimande has released a list of jobs that are in high demand now and that will be increasing in demand as of 2021 for both the private and public sector.

We have extracted a few of the in-demand jobs subdivided by industry – if you want to view the full list, you can do so here.

Jobs that are in high demand

Information Technology

  • Chief Information Officer
  • ICT Project Manager
  • Data Management Manager
  • Application Development Manager
  • Information Technology Manager
  • Information Systems Director
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Web Designer
  • ICT Systems Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Software Developer
  • Database Designer and Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • ICT Security Specialist
  • Geographic Information Systems Technician
  • Data Entry Operator

Agriculture & Food

  • Agriculture consultant
  • Agricultural scientist
  • Wine Maker
  • Food and beverage scientist
  • Agricultural Engineer
  • Agricultural Engineering Technologist


  • General medical practitioner
  • Registered Nurse
  • Pharmacist
  • Life Science Technician


  • Child Care Worker
  • Family day care worker
  • Nanny
  • Residential care officer
  • Carer for the Aged
  • Community healthcare worker

Emergency Worker

  • Fire Fighter
  • Hazardous Materials Removal Worker
  • Diver


  • Horticultural farmer
  • Mixed crop and livestock farmer
  • Tree feller
  • Crop Produce Analyst
  • Tobacco Grader
  • Cotton Grader
  • Wool Classer