Travel and Tourism Career Options

January 15, 2021 in General

What jobs can you get in tourism?

The tourism industry is huge and offers various opportunities to show your skills and talents. Whether you belong to a landmark or a big city, you will find opportunities that are challenging, entertaining, and interesting. Travel and Tourism covers a wide range of sectors like transportation, food and beverages, accommodation, entertainment, and tourism services. Depending on your skills and interest, you can apply to any sector with your tourism diploma/degree. There are plenty of career options for you to think about in the tourism industry.

Whenever you are on a holiday, there are several things that you enjoy such as the view from your hotel room window, the stops that you made whenever you saw a beautiful view while travelling, the comfortable travelling, mouth-watering food, and much more. Though you, being the centre of attention, remembers it as a great experience you had but several people are playing their roles to let people like you enjoy at their best. All of these people are playing their specific roles to give you the best experience.

There are plenty of people that make it possible for you to enjoy the holiday. They include the travel agent who manages your flights and everything, the housekeeping service at the hotel, the hotel manager, the travelling guide, etc. All of these roles lie in the tourism industry. So, if you want a position in the tourism industry, you have plenty of options to choose from. You can choose the one that suits your interest and expertise. Whatever you choose, one thing is for sure; you will learn a lot. Let’s get started and see what career opportunities you have in the tourism industry:

Travel Agent

If you have the management and organization skills to plan things, attention to detail concentration, and the ability to think momentarily for the solutions then a travel agent is the job for you. You have to do research, plan the travelling path and book trips for the people who wish to travel. although there are online platforms where people are booking their tips, a human touch makes the experience real, and still, most of the people wish to hire a travel agent to book their trips. You can help them book flights, select the hotels, make the transfers easy, and plan their holiday activities. Mostly you have to deal with things at the very moment and you need to have good problem-solving skills too.

Spa Manager

Yes, spa managing also lies under the roof of the tourism industry. Spa managers are responsible for managing the activities inside the health or beauty spa. You will have to manage the services you offer, employee management, and the spa’s finances. Most of the duties associated with spa are going to be managerial such as being involved in promotional campaigns, record keeping, maintaining stock inventories, and payroll management.

Spa managers handle the finances, create work schedules, train the staff, keep an eye on the spa’s maintenance, arrange workshops for new techniques to be used, and manage the clients’ complaints and suggestions as well. If you have experience in spa management, it will be a great addition to your CV. Otherwise, if you have good managerial skills, that can work too.

Conference and event organizers

If you can manage things at the last minute, pay attention to details, and like to arrange conferences, it is the job for you. It is a very time-consuming job and you will have to plan everything for the event or the conference. You will work with a big team and have a great experience. Being an event and conference organizer, you have to pay attention to the minor details of the meeting, from the speaker to the location, from the printed materials to the equipment that is to be used in the meeting.

Being a conference and event organizer, you must be able to take sudden decisions, think on your feet, communicate with the clients and the supplier, and often you will have to work in strict deadlines. To make the conference successful, you might have to stay a bit longer to let it complete with no mistakes.

Cruise Ship attendant

Another perk of having a tourism degree is being able to fit in anywhere you want. You can be a cruise ship attendant where you will have to manage all the details related to that cruise, from the maintenance of the ship to the satisfaction of the clients. You will have to play a bigger role where you have to make sure that the cruise trip is successful. You have to look after the minor details and make sure everything on the point. You will have to stay on the trip for as long as it takes to keep everything up to the mark. So, this job demands attention to detail and a lot of time.

Tour operator

If you choose to be a tour operator, you have to manage and assemble all the contents of a tour such as the tickets, hotel stays, activities, and a lot more. You have to assemble all the traveling components and make it a package for the clients. You will have to do a lot of research for various destinations for the tour. You would monitor the trend in the attractive and popular places and put together a holiday package that would cover various places.

Tour operators work with travel agents. Travel agents deal with the public and share the details with them. Tour operators have to visit the places themselves to see if the places they have included are safe and secure or not. They need to make sure it is safe to travel to those places and everything will be arranged for them. If you like to travel, this is the job for you.

Tour Guide

If you want to have a job in the travelling industry, the tour guide is the job for you. You can give guided tours to the visitors, tourists, students, etc. when you are a tour guide, you need to have complete knowledge about the places you are going to. The museums, the historical places, the hotels, sceneries, and the places you should be taking your clients when you go there. Guides can work for walking tours, bus tours, or even boat tours.

If you are going to be a tour guide, you need excellent communication skills, good memory, expertise in multiple languages, etc. You will learn these skills in your job, and these skills will even help you in the future as well.

Hotel Manager

Being a hotel manager, you will have to look after all the aspects of running a hotel. From providing the perfect housekeeping services to managing the budget and taking care of the marketing of the hotel, a hotel manager manages everything. If you are thinking about getting into this area, you will be requiring goof experience in the hospitality industry, good communication skills, great customer service, good managerial skills, and an ability to manage things at the last moment.

You will be responsible for all the activities going on in the hotel such as training your employees, managing recruitment, supervising staff, planning maintenance work, dealing with the complaints and suggestions, overseeing reservations, marketing the hotel, and making sure that the hotel has the perfect safety system. Of course, you will not be working alone, there will be teams working under you.

Events Manager

With the tourist degree, you can also get a job in event management. You can be an event manager if you have good managerial skills. You will have to arrange the venue, menu, the activities for the people, and everything else that is going to be there. You need to make sure that everything is up to the mark and you might have to give extra time to make sure the event is successful to the end.

Event managers have to take care of stuff like finances, seating, food, the venue, the activities, the performances (if there are any), the client’s priorities, etc. You should be having good communication skills and the ability to handle sudden changes.

One of the biggest advantages of having a career in the tourism industry is that you are exposed to many opportunities. You can choose the job/field according to your expertise or interests. This industry gives you a lot of varieties and challenges where you learn things every day. The talents and skills you learn in these jobs will benefit you a lot in the future and take you to a better level.

Tourism also offers long-term career prospects; you will find a position from entry-level to the managerial level. Also, this industry offers you such transferable skills that you can use in other areas too. It is best for the people who love to travel, see different places, manage things, and make a difference.