Retrenched after COVID? How to get back into a job

November 25, 2020 in Advice & Tips

Covid-19 has changed the way we live our lives and out of many other things, one of the most affected factors is the economy. Sadly, this pandemic has made many employees lose their jobs, Employers had to play hard due to the recession and the difficult times. Moreover, many companies are reassessing their hiring processes to make sure they are hiring the best according to the present scenario. This has made things difficult for people looking to get hired. Should they apply? Or if they should wait? DO they need to do things differently now? Are they aware of the new hiring processes? These are a few of the many questions roaming around the minds of the candidates now.

Having a good degree and job experience is a good addition to the credibility of your resume, but the COVID-19 era demands more. There are plenty of things that you need to do to be on the radar of the big good companies. Though the hiring process is going on, new positions have been opened, but there is great competition out there in the job market and you have to get through that. Here are some of the most effective tips that you can use to boost up your job research and be a better candidate:


Though it is sad, many people who have lost their jobs recently due to COVID-19 are unable to adapt to new things to land new and better job positions. If you want to be accepted and appreciated, you need to know and accept that things have changed. Companies’ hiring processes, the types of candidates they are looking for, the type of abilities they require, and the work condition, everything has changed. Just accept that you cannot use your old ways in this new job market.

Be patient

Yes, patience is the key in these times. Many employers don’t respond to every candidate, but others take proper time in the screening processes and get back to every candidate with their decision for further process. Just understand that with the new virtual ways of hiring, it can take them longer to pursue every candidate and get back to them. When they have remote setups and many others challenged, it becomes hard for the companies to operate in the usual way.

Be prepared for the interview process

It is one of the most obvious changes where the interviews are being held online. For the past several months, online video meetings are being used to conduct interviews. As the offices are reopening, they might change the process back to normal but right now everyone will start from the online interviews and you need to be ready for this. Many of us are okay and well prepared when it comes to in-person meetings, but when it comes to online video meetings, the hesitation comes along with it. So, look for the tips to present yourself well in the video call and will make them see that you are the right fit for the job.

Keep up the professional appearance

If you have reached the point of an online interview, you need to give a professional appearance through your dressing, looks, and the surroundings as well. You must wear suitable clothing as you would for an in-person meeting. Also, you need to choose a spot where you won’t be disturbed by others and keep your surroundings neat and clean. The people interviewing you will judge your skills based on your discipline and management as well. So, make sure you are giving your best and never take video calls/meetings for-granted.

Expand your horizon

You might be an expert in your profession, but is it required right now? Fields like traveling and tourism have suffered a lot due to this pandemic due to which people related to this have to look for other opportunities as well. You might not have thought about it till now, but it is the time to do proper research about where your current skills can fit best if not in your profession. You will have to face many challenges when choosing another sector/field, but it is worth it since now is the time to grab every opportunity you can.

Online presence matters

Even if you can’t reach the employers yourself and locate the best opportunity out there, you still have the networking with you. Expand your networks, be more available online, present your skills there. Having good people in your network can spread the word real fast and you might be the one for one of many employers who happen to be on the same network too. Out of all the social media platforms, if you want to look professional and seek serious opportunities, you need to go for LinkedIn. It is the best professional platform where you can meet people of interest. However, companies also tend to post jobs on other social platforms to grab the attention of potential candidates.

Update your skills

Everyone knows that COVID-19 lockdown has given plenty of time to everyone, especially for those who have no job. So, you need to have your skills updated with new talents to show that you are an opportunity grabber and you don’t waste your time. Many companies can ask you what did you do in the lockdown? You need to show that you learned a thing or two and put them to use for the enhancement of your skills. Also, be flexible and highlight your management styles to show the employer that you can work in every environment.

Finding a job after COVID-19 is tough but it can be achieved if you are determined to find the best for yourself along with showing the other companies that you are an asset. Start working on yourself to present yourself as the best candidate for the job role.